How to enable WebDAV?

Flashvim support synchronize Personal data with WebDAV.
This article show how to enable WebDAV for Flashvim.

Open Website and register a free account, then login in.

After login in, you can create a new fold, named as ‘sync‘.

Go to Setting(Top Right drop down menu) > Security

Add a new Application and generate an application password, such as ‘wfisdffsdfdsif23r‘.

Put the webDav URL, such as ‘‘, put the Username and application password – ‘wfisdffsdfdsif23r‘. then click Save and Fetch. It will save this configure information to your browser localstorage, and fetch the flashvim_database.bak from jianguoyun by WebDAV protocol, but this file not exist by now.

When you click save button below, it will synchronize the config data to your webDAV cloud – jianguoyun.

Then you can see the file ‘flashvim_database.bak‘ created in the webDAV cloud.

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